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Milestone User ID Numbers

The following users have ID numbers that are even millions:

 1,000,000 - Jul 26, 2004
 2,000,000 - Oct 25, 2005
 3,000,000 - Aug 24, 2006
 4,000,000 - Jan 18, 2007
 5,000,000 - Jun 22, 2007
 6,000,000 - Nov 16, 2007
 7,000,000 - Mar 30, 2008
 8,000,000 - ?
 9,000,000 - Dec 5, 2008
 10,000,000 - Mar 19, 2009
 11,000,000 - Jul 12, 2009
 12,000,000 - Oct 29, 2009
 13,000,000 - Feb 13, 2010
 14,000,000 - Jun 2, 2010
 15,000,000 - Sep 14, 2010
 16,000,000 - Dec 19, 2010
 17,000,000 - Mar 22, 2011
 18,000,000 - Jun 17, 2011
 19,000,000 - Sep 13, 2011
 20,000,000 - Nov 27, 2011
 21,000,000 - Feb 19, 2012
 22,000,000 - May 8, 2012
 23,000,000 - Aug 5, 2012
 24,000,000 - Oct 23, 2012
 25,000,000 - Jan 2, 2013
 26,000,000 - Mar 18, 2013
 27,000,000 - Jun 7, 2013
 28,000,000 - Aug 24, 2013
 29,000,000 - Nov 14, 2013
 30,000,000 - Feb 1, 2014
 31,000,000 - Apr 23, 2014
 32,000,000 - ?
 33,000,000 - Oct 14, 2014
 34,000,000 - Jan 2, 2015
 35,000,000 - Mar 16, 2015

There's no user 36,000,000... yet! I'll check it periodically and add it when it's registered.

Unsurprisingly, most of these accounts are inactive, like 90% of deviantART seems to be. Why do so many people waste their time signing up for a site they never interact with?

It took 1472 days (a little over four years) from opening day for deviantART to reach the millionth user ID, but only 73 days to go from 34 million to 35 million!

Stylish CSS: Clean Up Llamatrade

If you only ever use llamatrade to look for trades, and never plan to put up any of your own points for llamas, you can use the CSS below to clean up the page so it shows nothing but active trades. (If there are no trades up at the moment, the page will simply be blank.)

If you'd like to try the userstyle I use on the llamatrade page, you can view the code and install it here. In addition to hiding things as the code above does, it adds a subtle drop shadow to trade boxes, widens the avatars div a little to accommodate long usernames, and tweaks the colors just a bit.

Stylish CSS: Block Shoutbox Users

If there's someone in the Shoutbox that you'd like to ignore, you can use Stylish to block them in a variety of ways as demonstrated below... Edit the username in each instance to the username of the person you wish to ignore.

Hide Them Entirely
This is weapons-grade blocking. Using this one makes the offending user's shouts vanish completely. It's like the person no longer exists.

Blur Them
This one will make the offending user's shout remain visible, but their avatar, words and emoticons will be blurry.

Reduce Their Opacity
Similar to the Blur Them example above, the offending user's shouts remain visible, but only barely!

Stylish CSS: Profile Edit Button Opacity

The following code will make the main Edit Page button and the individual widget Edit... buttons translucent until you hover over them.

AdCast - Ads from the Community

Llama badges? No need to thank me...

I've been giving out a lot of llama badges lately, and a lot of you have come back to my page to thank me. There's really no need to do so.

You're welcome!

If you're unsure about all of this llama badge business, there's a section in the FAQ that explains it.

FAQ #896: People keep sending me llamas, what are they?

They're free to give to people. Just click the Give button on anyone's profile and select Give a Llama Badge! Note that you can only give each user one llama, so if you've given one to someone already, the menu item on the Give button will say Already gave a Llama.

If you find the badge notification messages bothersome, it's possible to turn them off.

FAQ #897: Can I turn off the ability to receive badges?

One Click Llama Button

One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria
This Greasemonkey script makes it a lot easier to give and return llamas. It's practically a requirement for the llama badge "heavy hitters"...


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